DaisyTrail Painted Backyard Digikit

DaisyTrail Painted Backyard Digikit 1.1

One of the most colourful DaisyTrail kits, Painted Backyard is just lovely
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One of the most colorful DaisyTrail kits, Painted Backyard is just lovely. Think hand-drawn back garden, funky buttons & vintage backgrounds.
The Painted Backyard Digikit contains the following:
- 59 Embellishments
- 8 Background Papers
- 5 Intelligent Photo Frames
- 5 Material Papers
- Complete themed alphabet, including upper and lower case letters and standard punctuation marks.
- 6 Customisable Layouts
- 3 Brushes
- All graphics in this digikit are created at high quality 300dpi.

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